FIBER20 offers pricing tiers based on student count in order to provide the steepest discounts to the smallest and most rural school districts while remaining equitable to large school districts. Pricing shown below is Not-To-Exceed pricing and is contingent on FCC/TEA funding. This means that further project cost assistance from the government in the future may decrease pricing to districts, but the pricing will never increase. Pricing shown is after E-rate discounts and cannot be E-rate discounted further.

Number of StudentsYear 1-4 Monthly District Cost per CircuitYear 5-10 Monthly District Cost per CircuitTen Year CostAverage Per Month
Ten years
1-999$ 600.00$ 400.00$ 57,600$ 480
1000-3999$ 1,400.00$ 1,100.00$ 146,400$ 1,220
4000-8000$ 2,100.00$ 1,800.00$ 230,400$ 1,920
8000+$ 2,300.00$ 2,000.00$ 254,400$ 2,120